US frees one of its most notorious Cold War spies twenty years later | Abroad

US frees one of its most notorious Cold War spies twenty years later |  Abroad

Ana Belen Montes was released from a US prison this weekend. The American was imprisoned for more than twenty years for his most famous and successful espionage operations against the United States.

Before his arrest, Montez was active with the U.S. Secret Service DIA. The German-born began his career in 1985 and quickly rose to the position of Cuba analyst.

Throughout his career, he received coded messages containing orders from the Cuban government. Montes answered with a pager.

Because of Montes’ espionage activities, the Cuban government was aware for years of all covert operations conducted by the United States on the island. For example, he revealed the identities of at least four American spies and sent classified documents.

According to BBC News The U.S. government considers her “one of the spies who did us the most harm.”

He was arrested in September 2001 after an anonymous tip about a high-ranking official allegedly collaborating with the Cuban government. Then the FBI caught her.

Montes pleaded guilty but was unrepentant. “I acted according to my conscience. The attitude of the United States towards Cuba was cruel and unjust. I had to help them there to defend themselves against our influence,” said Montes.

The former spy will be closely monitored by the US for another five years. His Internet use is being monitored, and he is barred from holding office in the U.S. government again. She must also seek permission to speak to foreign officials.

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