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Huawei has been doing business with Iran against the rules, and after it was caught they continued to do so under a separate LTD in Hong Kong, not only that but the managers who did so were rewarded.

In the Netherlands, Huawei was caught reading and copying Dutch user data while working for a Dutch ISP. Well, it’s not against the rules, but something like it is at least questionable.

The biggest problem is that Huawei is a company that focuses on networks and then on “core components.” Now many companies like Alcatel, Intel and Ericsson are doing it, all offering similar hardware and obviously cheaper. However, Huawei’s problem is that it is a top company within the government. These are no ordinary Chinese, the CEO and his daughter Meng are both senior party members, and the daughter has even served in the military before. This is a big risk, and although no holes have been discovered at this time, it is very possible to open the Hawaiian doors if desired. For example, they can send zero days to the government itself. Of course America is not innocent either, but it is a much bigger risk.

Let’s also not forget that Huawei was born by stealing network technology. If you need a patch you can use Nortels because it worked well. Now that would be less, but would you want to support a company thanks to IP theft? Should we support an institution that facilitates national oppression?

So America is strongly against it, China is seen as becoming more and more aggressive globally and this is made possible by the major technological moves they are making. Keeping China somewhat smaller is good for us and ensures less aggression when we now look at Lithuania, Australia, Canada etc.

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