Urban Meyer on Gardner Minshew: “I love that guy”

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
jacksonville jaguars training camp

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Urban Mayer didn’t know Gardner Menchu. A first-year Jaguar trainer knows Menchow now, and Meyer loves what he sees.

“I didn’t know Menchow,” Mayer told reporters Thursday. “I knew him [Washington State] Very good boss, Mike Leach. Not saying we got off to a bad start, but I didn’t see him often. But he earned my respect. I love this man. He’s a warrior rival, he’s a fighter. I told him that. I just had great respect for Minchu. He’s bringing it every day now, every day.”

The assumption was made from the moment Mayer took over the team that he owns the rights to Trevor Lawrence That Minshew would be off the bench at best, traded at worst. Now, Minshew and Lawrence share the starting title, and Mayer says the competition is between them still open.

Despite the team’s struggles, Mincho played well in his first two seasons, with 37 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions. He has a pass rating of 93.1, and his completion rate jumped from 60.6 percent as a junior to 66.1 percent in 2020.

Minchu is also driven and gossip. He said in July that he had not.I took shit in weeks“Because no. 2 is not an option.” Recently, Hernan Cortes cited “burning boats“As a start-up job pursuit mentality.

There is a possibility that Meyer’s infatuation with Minshew is intended to maximize the value of the trade. For whatever reason, no one ran into Minshew. Maybe someone should. Maybe, depending on what he’s doing in pre-season, someone will.

Maybe not nonsense. Perhaps Meyer will apply a merit system unaffected by enlistment status or preconceived notions. Perhaps Mayer will go with the man who is currently the best player to help the team win matches. Maebs, this is Mincho.

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Hell, maybe it’ll be a close call and Minshew and Lawrence will eventually ban each other Winners and Losers Day to settle it.

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