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In the last sprint, we kept working on updating the flow to post user feedback. Additionally, we’ve made improvements to the front page based on feedback and we’ve further automated No More Leaks data processing.

Update user reviews

In the previous chart, we announced that we are updating user reviews. The form that allows you to write a review will be replaced by a variable that appears in an inward slide overlay, making it possible to display the form within a page without moving away from that page each time you write a review.

We’ve been preparing for the past two weeks to enable rendering in the slide overlay. We’ve also taken steps to simplify the review form. You can now rate the product by clicking on the stars instead of moving the slider. In the previous sprint, we increased the length of the short annotation from 50 to 150 characters. We’ve now made it possible to use paragraphs in short captions.

We’ve simplified displaying reviews in the product review tab by removing review limits and placing the final rating under the positives and negatives.

Front page improvements

On the revamped front page, we got a lot of feedback in the comments below the ad and in the forum. As a result, we first started fixing bugs, which we also updated on our previous development iteration. In Sprint #255, we fixed another bug that caused a single pixel difference in Ankeilers and implemented lazy loading. Additionally, we’ve received a lot of feedback that the old forum block with popular topics has been overlooked. We are currently investigating the need for this in A/B testing.

Automation No more leaks

In mid-October last year, we activated collaboration with the No More Leaks project on Tweakers. By this we protect our users from misuse of leaked data. Then we used the lists known at that time and imported these lists into a local database so that we could use the data.

The list of leaked data is constantly supplemented with new data. So it is important to import these new lists again when an update is available. We did this through Delta The list fragment containing new data, download it to one of our servers and pass it to the import script. This task does not take long, but it is a manual procedure that the developer must perform and must be scheduled, with the possibility that the update may take a long time for the application or be forgotten.

At the beginning of this project, Police has not yet offered an auto-download option. In the meantime they do and that is why we decided to automate the download and import, so that this is fully automatic and therefore does not require developer time or can be forgotten.

Since Tweakers mainly contains PHP developers, the initial plan was to automate this process in a PHP script. delta across sFTP picked up and unloaded. In addition, we just want to introduce a new delta for the import text, because it takes a long time to process the already known data. A way to pass the secret key securely from our secret store to sFTP must also be designed. We ended up with four tickets to be able to offer this, not trivial, but certainly not impossible.

Finally, a stubborn shell scripting developer decided it might be easier to run a script in the shell Jenkins. Jenkins already provides the ability to manage secrets, and files can be downloaded via sftp -b And the import script is already available in our Jenkins environment. The first version was written in no time at all, and the final implementation is about fifty lines of code. To make the code understandable to other developers as well, about thirty lines of comments were added, bringing the text to a total of eighty lines. For example, the implementation of four cards in PHP is done through a shell script at noon. It pays to take a critical look at tools from time to time.

And further

  • survey pages incorrectly displayed TweakersGear as the active site section in the navigation bar; It has now been corrected.
  • From the article search error report, we have reactivated the article types filter and made it available again.

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