Tribute to making a gold earring: A thousand fans perform a farewell concert | Displays

Tribute to making a gold earring: A thousand fans perform a farewell concert |  Displays

Rock band Golden Earring from The Hague was unable to play a farewell concert due to a terminal illness of guitarist Georg Koemans. This is very unfortunate, says documentary filmmaker Yael Fink. That is why she initiated the band’s farewell concert, where about a thousand amateur musicians will play Ahoy Earring songs.

Vinckx does this through the ALS Foundation a call For amateur musicians who love to shave. Imagine about a thousand people playing a number of Earring songs live in a huge venue, with thousands of fans in attendance. The aim is to raise the highest possible proceeds for the ALS Netherlands Foundation.” This foundation raises funds for scientific research into the cause and treatment of fatal nerve and muscle diseases.

Phoenix, a documentarian and active in the band’s circuit, came up with the idea after watching the documentary We are the thousandwhere the song is sung by five Italian friends and a thousand musicians learning to fly of the Foo Fighters playing in hopes of bringing that band to their village. It works. It works. “I was very impressed by the connecting power of the music,” says Phoenix. When the news came that the earring had been discontinued because of George’s illness, I had this idea. I immediately started liaising, also with the Earring members, and they thought it was a very sympathetic initiative.”

The concert is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 18 October at Ahoy in Rotterdam, nearly four years after the rock group played its last ever concert there. Thousands of amateurs make up the main act and the organization aims to provide support to a number of famous artists who are either associated with earring or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The stands can accommodate 7,000 people.

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Five of the amateur musicians involved in the documentary will be followed in the run-up to the show: earring and me. The plan is to broadcast their story, along with the concert, on NPO around Christmas. The documentary tells the audience’s earring story through a song, concert or cherished memory. Kooymans and his illness are also discussed. This site said last week that the disease, which he was diagnosed with about a year and a half ago, had left deep scars in his life. “The muscles deteriorate, you get a little stuck. This goes faster than I imagined and it’s bullshit. I just have to deal with it.”

Guitarists, drummers, singers, and bassists are being sought out for the concert – young or old, experienced or not. Music matters. You will soon be able to subscribe to this. You can do this by submitting a home video in which you can play (part of) the song Radar love Play or sing,” writes the organization. Phoenix: “Earringing has a huge impact on music. Everyone has something to do with it, from 8 to 80 years old.

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