Underage asylum seekers sleeping on chairs at the IND office in Ter Apel

Underage asylum seekers sleeping on chairs at the IND office in Ter Apel


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Since Tuesday, about fifty unaccompanied minor asylum seekers (AMVs) are staying at the Ter Apel Application Center at the IND Office, Immigration and Naturalization Service. There is no place for them anywhere else at the moment.

He writes there are chairs in that room, but there are no mattresses to sleep on RTV North. Additionally, there are no guidelines available. However, minors who stay there are given food and drink and can go to the toilet. There are no shower options.

There are now about 350 unaccompanied minors in Ter Abel. The other 300 are staying at regular reception places under supervision. All have a bed and access to sanitary facilities.

sleeping outside

Ter Apel’s registration center has been crowded for months. In recent days, hundreds of people have had to sleep outside.

Deputy Prime Minister Kaag described it as “dehumanizing people to sleep outside in a country like the Netherlands”. Minister De Jong (Public Housing) described the situation in Ter Apel as “indigestible”. “We must come up with a solution.”

Doctors without borders

Since yesterday, Médecins Sans Frontières International (MSF) has a team in Ter Abel that provides care to asylum seekers who are forced to stay outside the gate due to a lack of reception spaces.

A team spokesperson said the team treated 80 people today. These include neglected infections and skin infections.

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