Ukrainians work in the hospitality and agricultural industry, but also as psychologists

Ukrainians work in the hospitality and agricultural industry, but also as psychologists

4,300 refugees from Ukraine have found work in the Netherlands since 1 April. The majority found work through employment, farming and horticulture agencies, particularly in the greater Amsterdam and Hague regions, the UWV reports.

Since April 1, the work permit exemption applies to refugees from Ukraine, but employers must inform the UWV when they hire someone. In the first month, UWV received 4,300 employment notices, and sometimes several in a company. In the first week more than 550 reports were received, in the second week more than 850 reports and in the third week 1550. In the last week of April, there were 1350 reports.

Ukrainian refugees find work in various sectors, such as restaurants, business services, transportation and logistics. 40 percent find work through employment agencies, such as cleaners, warehouse workers, or production workers. More than 450 people (11 percent) have found employment in agriculture and horticulture, as well as in the food industry.

Orthopedic doctor and teacher

A few dozen refugees find work in ICT, for example as a software developer and technical assistant, or in marketing and consulting. In addition, someone has found work as a laboratory technician in the food industry and people work in the field of assistance, healthcare and education, for example as a psychologist, orthopedic surgeon, or teacher.

According to the latest statement issued by Ministry of Justice and Security At the end of April, 47,930 refugees from Ukraine were registered in the Netherlands with the municipalities in a special and municipal reception.

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