Ukraine’s ‘War Battle’ has a good chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest

Ukraine's 'War Battle' has a good chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest

The band members themselves are also involved in the resistance, says multi-instrumentalist Ihor Didinchuk, who introduces the song’s signature flute sound. “I myself weave camouflage nets and make Molotov cocktails.” The squad also helps collect food and provide shelter for refugees.

One of the group members, MC Kilimmen (Ukrainian for “carpet”, because of his clothes), even joined the Ukrainian armed forces. He is currently helping to defend Kyiv. “I’m fighting on multiple fronts: the battle on the ground on one side, the cultural front on the other. We keep the country strong with our music.”

old lullaby

The lyrics are apolitical, but can be read as a metaphor for war. Oleh Psiuk wrote the song as a tribute to his powerful mother, who was asked to sing a lullaby until all was well. The “Mother” in the song can be interpreted as “Mother Ukraine”, which is pleading for an end to the war.

Mom Stefania, Mom Stefania
The field blooms and turns gray
Sing me a lullaby, Mama
I want to hear your mother tongue

“The lyrics of the songs touch every Ukrainian deeply, because we were taught from a young age to deeply respect your parents,” said Dedenchuk. Moreover, the song evokes nostalgia. “The bridge in the song is an old Ukrainian lullaby.” But because of the rap clips and hard hits it is Stefania Anything but childish or sleeping.

The similarities are great with entering last year. The Go_A formation then took 5th place (and 2nd in the overall vote) with the song Shum Also a folk song with contemporary elements. The similarities are not coincidental: Didenchuk is also a member of the band Go_A. In both groups he plays traditional Ukrainian instruments.

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Watch the performance during the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam here, with Didenchuk on the flute:

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