Cabinet is looking into whether the kilometer allowance can be increased sooner | car

Cabinet is looking into whether the kilometer allowance can be increased sooner |  car

Secretary of State Marnix van Rijk (Tax) wants to see if the tax-free travel allowance can be increased earlier than the government has planned. The House of Representatives promised to do so after various parties requested it.

“Technically speaking, you can do that as of July 1,” Van Rig says. He wants to see exactly what it means if the government decides to do so.

“I understand the idea,” the minister told parliament. , I would say: Let’s take it seriously. But then a cover must be found.” If the treasury took such a measure, little would come. The money would have to come from somewhere else.


The VVD, who also made this proposal, came up with the money that the government “earns” because Jubelton (the amount of 100,000 euros that people can donate tax-free to the house) was cut earlier. This metric yields very little, van Rig says. VVD MP’s Eelco Heinen indicated in the discussion that he was already considering a different cover.

By the way, the Secretary of State does not yet want to pledge that he will increase the compensation for each kilometer on which no tax should be paid. Parties in the House of Representatives proposed this to ease the pain of rising fuel prices. Van Rig also sees a “great responsibility” on employers. “They must therefore give this travel allowance tax-free to employees.”

Step by Step

The government already intends to gradually increase the tax-free travel allowance from 19 cents per kilometer to 23 cents.

Van Rij also wants to know if it is possible to increase the rebate on the energy tax, retroactively from January 1, 2022. Chris Staffer SGP suggested this, because such a measure benefits lower incomes more than lowering the value-added tax on energy. Nor has the Foreign Minister made any promises yet on this issue. “But what I want to promise is that I’ll let that work,” he said to Stover.

The biggest obstacle at this stage is the search for funding. “If possible, it would have consequences for another part of the package,” Van Rig warns. “Because I only have one pot of money.”

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