Ukraine: Russian army prepares for longer operation, schedule extended to October | Abroad

Ukraine: Russian army prepares for longer operation, schedule extended to October |  Abroad

This happened last nightAccording to Ukrainian intelligence, the Russian army is preparing for a longer operation in Ukraine. The head of GUR Military Intelligence Vadim Skipetsky said that his agency has information that the Russian military leadership has extended its war plans for another 120 days until October.

At the same time, Skibitsky said that Russia updates its plans every month and that further developments mainly depend on how the fighting develops in eastern Ukraine. This is in daily report From Institute for the Study of WarIt is a military affairs research institute based in the United States.

The deputy head of the GUR already stated in late May that he believed it was possible that “active hostilities” could continue until the end of the year as Russian President Vladimir Putin did not intend to abandon his plans to take over Ukraine.

This war will continue. How long the active phase will be extended – whether it will be in September, October or until the end of the year – will depend on our resistance, the state of our armed forces and the aid we receive, Skipetsky said in an interview. Crimeathe regional news channel of the Ukrainian branch RFE / RL (RadioFreeEurope / RadioLiberty).

gift for Putin

Regional elections will be held in Russia on Sept. 11. Linked to this date is the possibility of holding a referendum or other events in the occupied territories. October 7 is Putin’s birthday, he is 70 and everyone will say that the army will want to give him a gift. ”

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Ukraine’s cries for the help of Western weapons are growing desperately as it becomes increasingly clear that Russia wants to prolong the war to win thanks to its material supremacy. The head of the Northern Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Dmitry Krasilnikov, said earlier that the Ukrainian army does not have long-range artillery. In his opinion, the Russian artillery is much better than the Ukrainian infantry. Ukraine’s government adviser, Oleksandr Danilyuk, said the Russian army is better equipped, which could be crucial in a protracted conflict, adding: “They have more resources than us and they are not in a hurry.”

chemical plant

Meanwhile, fighting raged in eastern Ukraine without major territorial gains. After weeks of attacks and bombing, Russia has largely taken control of the strategic industrial city of Sheferodonetsk. However, the Ukrainian army does not surrender and retains control of the chemical plant at Azot. This was announced by the governor of the region, Sergei Haiday, last night.

According to Ukrainian information, about 800 people took refuge in several bunkers under the plant. It will take care of 200 employees of the plant and 600 residents of the city. On Saturday, a Russian-backed separatist group claimed that between 300 and 400 Ukrainian fighters were also present at the nitrogen plant.

The Russian bombing of the plant caused a major fire after the oil spill, according to the governor. It is not known if the fire is still raging. In the town of Avdiivka in the neighboring Donetsk province, which includes another chemical plant, Russian media reported a huge cloud of smoke after an explosion.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky once again campaigned for his country’s accession to the European Union in his video message last night. © Telegram screenshot


Last night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky again launched a campaign for his country’s accession to the European Union. He is convinced that a decision on Ukraine’s candidate status will also make the EU stronger.

At the same time, Zelensky, in his daily video address, criticized the persistent concerns of some EU countries about this situation: “What should be done in Europe so that skeptics realize that keeping Ukraine out of the EU harms Europe?”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Saturday during a surprise visit to Kyiv that the examination of Ukraine’s application to join the European Union, which took place in March, will conclude on Friday. The Commission will then make a recommendation on the status of a potential candidate for Ukraine, without prejudging or setting a timetable for final admission.

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