February 7, 2023

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“Ukraine is losing 100 to 200 soldiers a day” • Foreign fighters sentenced to death

“Ukraine is losing 100 to 200 soldiers a day” • Foreign fighters sentenced to death

Ukraine itself decides when it is ready to resume talks with Russia and until then the Netherlands will continue to support Kyiv militarily and politically. Foreign Minister Hoekstra confirmed tonight in news hour. According to him, it is important for the Netherlands to help Ukraine appear as powerful as possible on the battlefield, and then get the strongest possible starting point once talks resume. Hoekstra stressed this, when Kyiv determines it.

Hoekstra said Ukraine had suspended the talks because Russia had not made serious proposals and because Ukraine had faced serious crimes against its civilian population.

At the same time, the Minister stressed that President Zelensky also recognizes that there will come a time when negotiations must be resumed. Hoekstra rejected the suggestion that some European countries, including France, are pressing hard not to “humiliate” President Putin and to continue the dialogue. According to him, Europe is showing unity, although he admits that it took “a long time” to complete the seventh package of sanctions.

When asked about Ukraine’s future membership in the EU, Hoekstra said the Netherlands is waiting for the European Commission’s proposal. If he makes a “reasonable judgment, the Netherlands must be prepared to look at it publicly”. Hoekstra said it’s in his view a “humane tendency” to say yes to everything when a country wages such a fight, but care is still essential.

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