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Stormgate has been announced by Frost Giant Studios. This is a free real time strategy game that is set in the future. The game is made in Unreal Engine 5 and can be played alone, against each other, or in co-op. The beta version should start next year.

Stormgate has been announced with a cinematic trailer, which does not show any gameplay. on me steam page There are some screenshots of the alpha version. The strategy game takes place during a war between humanity and aliens. More factions will be available, but they haven’t been announced yet. The game gets both bidder As online competitive modes and collaborative opportunities. The game also gets an editor.

The game is made by Giant Frost Studios† Studio of Warcraft and StarCraft veterans at Blizzard. The studio was founded by Tim Morten and Tim Campbell. At the beginning of this year they achieved $25 million in investment To create the “next great RTS game for PC”.

In the trailer, the team announces that players can sign up for a beta on, which is set to launch in 2023. The site is unavailable at the time of writing. Because of the big crowd†Details regarding the revenue model have not yet been disclosed, but Steam states that it will not be possible to earn interest through payment.

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