Ukraine is happy to receive tanks from Germany and the United States

Ukraine is happy to receive tanks from Germany and the United States


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Ukraine is happy with Leopard tanks supplied by Germany and other European countries. Deputy Foreign Minister Andrij Melnyk speaks of a historic decision on the battlefield as a ‘game changer’.

German media reported last night that Germany is ready to deploy Leopard 2 tanks to provide. Other countries will also be allowed to send German production tanks to Ukraine.

Several countries, including Poland and Finland, have recently put pressure on Chancellor Scholes to grant permission. Fearing further escalation of the war, Berlin showed restraint. Ukraine has long asked for tanks in hopes of pushing back the Russians.

‘Gross Provocation’

In recent days, Germany has been in serious negotiations with the United States, which may also offer a few dozen modern tanks. It is about Abrams tanks, according to the American media, the announcement may continue this weekend.

The Russian ambassador to the US says it is again a “total provocation” because it is not about anti-aircraft guns, but assault weapons.

Last night, President Zelensky expressed his happiness, but also urged support:

Zelensky: ‘It’s not 15 tanks, the need is more’

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