Physicians are the last significant party to agree to a care agreement. | internal

Physicians are the last significant party to agree to a care agreement. |  internal

The National Association of General Practitioners (LHV) will continue to sign the sponsorship agreement, it decided Tuesday during a meeting of members. LHV is the last significant party that still has to sign what is called an Integrated Care Agreement (IZA).

The sponsorship agreement was signed in September Occurred by several organizations from the healthcare sector and with the Minister of Health Ernst Kuipers. But according to the minister, the “historic and unique” agreement was not signed by general practitioners.

LHV wanted it More guarantees Before you agree to IZA. For example, they wanted to obtain a guarantee from the Dutch Health Care Authority (NZa) about the prices of out-of-hours care. Another important point was the assurance of health insurers that doctors would have more time for their patients.

According to the doctors, “these necessary steps” have now been taken. For example, NZa rates have risen by an average of 30 percent, and GPs are also getting more time for their patients.

That did not change the fact that general practitioners remain divided over the agreement. However, a “significant majority” voted in favor of the agreement, LHV reports. Now we have to work out agreements.

The IZA contains plans from healthcare organizations and government to make the sector future proof. Due to the aging of the population, the demand for care is expected to increase sharply. The measures in the sponsorship agreement must prevent the disruption of care in our country.

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