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I say it a lot, but Ubisoft isn’t that bad at all. Yes, there is a lot of rinsing and repetition (and yes, I thought Breakpoint was really bad, especially after the great Wildlands). Besides the fact that Ubisoft has been revolutionary in co-op game mechanics for the past six years (The Division & Ghost Recon are two good examples) and they are really innovating, their games for the casual player are just plain fun. The fact that it’s always a new part in an open world environment (Far Cry, Assassins’ Creed, Ghost Recon) isn’t a deal-breaker for everyone. I am just a simple player who is not much interested in story games and can have fun with the 5th installment in the same style.

What I find absolutely amazing (and you usually get major flaws for comments like this, but still) is that people are constantly complaining about Ubisoft’s open world concepts, but then other open world games like The Witcher 3, Ghost of Tsushima, and Horizon Zero Dawn – which shares pretty much the same gameplay mechanics and recipes – totally praise it. And yes, these are three examples of games where the story is clearly better than the regular Ubisoft game, but where other aspects of the game (such as the wooden controls) are clearly less.

In general, not every game is for everyone, and just because you don’t get anything that interests you certainly doesn’t mean that Ubisoft is a bad developer. But to be fair, Ubisoft definitely does not belong on the list of “top developers”.

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