June 5, 2023

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Ubisoft releases The Settlers: New Allies February 17, 2023 for PC – Games – News

Whether there has been a trend in recent years of wanting to give established games a whole new style, to give games that have been established for decades and are almost a genre in themselves, an attempt to become “different”.

Games like this (or BF2042, Theme Park, Project Cars) were almost a (sub)genre in their own right, in a vague attempt to make it “modern” (I think?) that goes very far into the whole roots of the game.

As I also mentioned in the thread, they posted a great comment there in the October update:
“Our intention is to re-capture that feeling…” You do a terrible job of that, you go against the very basics of what makes this series so beloved to us fans.

So why does a full “backlash” have to happen first before they realize what they’ve done wrong? Yes, there were games that could make the switch, FF14, No Mans, maybe even a little Cyberpunk, but I keep wondering with games like this… who was in the driver’s seat to make those choices? Games made for the love of a genre, for a game, are sometimes transcended to the level of “it would have been a mobile point-and-click game”, and money couldn’t have been the basis for that.. someone must have thrown the intrinsic vision quite a window and something Want to create a new…

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