Former GTST actor discredited again: ‘Gert Hughes fired as artist director’

Former GTST actor discredited again: 'Gert Hughes fired as artist director'

After his departure from GTST, Geert appeared in the TV series Costa! And in 2006 he participated in Wie Is De Mol?. A year later, he came in second place on Sterren Dansen Op Het IJs and appeared on the talent show So You Wanna Be A Popstar. After a few presentation posts for both RTL and SBS6, Gert disappeared from the spotlight. After his television career, Gert decided to start a production company. But that didn’t work. In 2014, not only Gert’s company was declared bankrupt, but the former GTST representative also went bankrupt personally.

left with a fight

It was a big surprise when artist manager Benno de Leeuw’s Rocket Agency, who also represents the interests of Mart Hoogkamer, René Froger and Frans Bauer with Partners, announced last summer that they had appointed Gert as their new director. Thus Gert was the successor of artist manager Ludo Voeten, Marga Bult’s partner. But there also seems to be a cable failure. “Gert no longer works for the Rocket Agency,” a source told Story. “Left with a fight.” The former actor’s departure is confirmed by Ludo, who still has good connections within the Rocket Agency. “I know Gert was fired in September,” says Ludo. “I won’t comment on what happened. Gert was there for a little while and now he’s gone. I sent him a message recently, but haven’t gotten an answer.

There is no data

Rocket owner Pino Di Leo does not want to answer Story. According to sources, Gert has participated in theatrical tours of Mart Hoogkammer and Rolf Sanchez. Their directors Robert Jan Schipper and Ruud ter Horst also do not want to comment on the reason for leaving, and this also applies to Gert himself. “My lawyers have advised me not to comment,” Storey tells.

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