March 24, 2023

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U.S. states are exploring how Instagram keeps kids active

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U.S. The Attorney General’s team is exploring “techniques that meta use to get kids and teens back to Instagram and keep them there.” Reports say that any possible adverse effects are being studied The Wall Street Journal.

States such as California, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York are participating in the study. The Attorney General of those states has been accused of continuing the Instagram practice, even after internal investigations showed that it could negatively affect young people.

The results of that study were previously published The Wall Street Journal, While meta whistleblower Francis Hogan has several internal documents Lecte From a company formerly known as Facebook. Research shows that teens have a negative self-image from Instagram. Instagram is also said to have contributed to the increase in anxiety and depression among teenagers.

Meta said she wants to focus more on the well-being of children. For example, the company has previously suspended plans to launch a special edition of Instagram for children under 13. Recently, Facebook announced a feature that encourages users to spend some time Pause To take out of use.

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