“U.S. Knew Prigozhin Was Preparing Military Action Against Top Russian Security”

"U.S. Knew Prigozhin Was Preparing Military Action Against Top Russian Security"

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By mid-June the US was already aware of Wagner boss Prigozhin’s plans to take military action against the Russian defense elite. According to American newspapers The New York Times And The Washington Post.

According to anonymous sources, until recently it was unclear when Prigogine would take action and what exactly he would do. A key reason for Prigozhin’s plans was Russia’s intention to bring all militias and mercenaries under the control of the Russian Ministry of Defense before July 1.

Not made public

The New York Times Last Wednesday, US intelligence officials briefed key military and government officials on Prigozhin’s preparations for military action. A day later, a small committee of Congress also informed the US Congress.

The Americans did not release the information. The thinking behind it was that Russian President Putin might otherwise have accused the US of a conspiracy, writes The New York Times. Nor do they want to give Putin a helping hand by sharing their intelligence on Prigozhin.

Rocket attack

Last Friday, Prigozhin accused the Russian Defense Ministry of launching a missile attack on the Wagner base. Many of his mercenary men were killed and Prigozhin threatened to retaliate. The Russian security service FSB later announced a criminal investigation against Prigozhin for sedition.

After the Wagner boss called off his advances in Moscow last night, President Putin’s spokesman said there would be no criminal charges against Prigozhin. He had to leave the country and go to Belarus. I don’t know if he has to adhere to certain conditions there.

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