Paying for a plastic chip tray? Bring your plate, says the government

Paying for a plastic chip tray?  Bring your plate, says the government

Starting July 1, snack bar owners must charge for disposable plastic plates and cutlery until plastic stocks run out. At the same time, they should offer an environmentally friendly option. According to the government, this can be done in two ways: Entrepreneurs fill the container that the customer brings with them or put it in a container that you can return. Are these entrepreneurs waiting for that?

Bring your own serving to the snack bar – NH News

Snack bar owners understand eliminating plastic, but it takes extra labor and costs. Moreover, it comes on top of higher prices for energy and products. For example, oil is three times more expensive than it was before the energy surge, and milk used to make soft ice cream is almost twice as expensive. “But you can’t make twice as expensive soft ice cream,” says snack bar owner Ivan Harderwijk from Amstelveen. “Paper and sugarcane containers are more expensive, bulkier, and harder to come by.”

additional to the receipt

How much should a tray of sustainable chips cost? Ed Zurber, owner of a snack bar, from Harlem finds it difficult. He offers his snacks at the same price until they run out of plastic and states that it contains plastic. “Yes, the cane trays are more expensive, so the price will go up a bit. But not by much, because I don’t want dissatisfied customers. It will be difficult,” he explains.

“Should I check the receipt in all this hustle and bustle and add a few cents to everything? It’s really impractical.”

Snack bar owner Evan Harderwijk

Evan Harderwijk has no idea how to calculate that. “Should I check the receipt in all the hustle and bustle and add a few cents to everything? That’s really impractical.”

Bring your own crockery

If you no longer want to eat or with your favorite snack made of plastic, you can bring your own crockery. Zurber wouldn’t be surprised if it happened on Saturday. “Yeah, of course you can. We’re just responding to that, it’s no different.”

Possum snack bar owner Marc Idema doesn’t like it for health reasons. “I don’t know what happened to that service, maybe the dog drank from it or you washed your feet in it. Some customers actually come with their own bag, which we then have to place the order in. This is where we actually don’t wait for it. It’s been used before, It may have contained returnable bottles or the bag was on the floor.”

How much will this plastic chip tray cost as of July 1st?

From July 1, you have to pay for food and drinks made (partly) from plastic. So too for a coffee at the station, a salad meal at the supermarket or a plastic sandwich at the pump.

The entrepreneur determines what you have to pay for it. The government does Suggested retail prices Made for: €0.25 a cup, €0.50 a serving, €0.05 pre-packed small portions of vegetables, fruits, nuts and portion packs, eg toppings and sauces.

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