Two new images from GTA 6 have been leaked and fans are divided

Two new images from GTA 6 have been leaked and fans are divided

After ten years of playing the same game, we devour all the news crumbs about GTA 6. And while not all leaks are equally reliable, these are two brand new images of Rockstar’s long-awaited masterpiece. Keep in mind that Rockstar hasn’t wanted to show it yet, so everything gets a lot better.

Last week, a famous leak revealed possible release plans for GTA 6. Although there is a big caveat. If Rockstar still wants to release the game before the holidays at the end of 2024, the story will have to be severely cut. Anyway, the game isn’t over yet.

New images GTA 6

And just to be clear: These are not official photos of Rockstar itself, but everything shows that this is the real thing. Both photos were posted online via Reddit. By the way, fans are divided. “Is this ancient Egypt?” asks one Reddit user. “Crazy! And then it’s not over,” says another user.

At first glance, these two new screenshots look just fine. But with a more detailed scan of the photos, I noticed there was still work to be done. Logical of course. Last year’s famous leak, which stunned the world with no less than 90 videos, showed that GTA 6 is still in the works.

Illuminated by the atmosphere of Grand Theft Auto 6

This is no different with these photos. Although it must be said that Rockstar has done a great job in the meantime. Not only do the details of the main character look clearer. The lighting is also very nice, and as for the road surface, the developers must have taken inspiration from our southern neighbors in Belgium.

👀 Click on the links below to view the photos. You can too here (one photo) f here (two photos).

This looks good, man by u / attending physician in GTA6

Gta6 already looks realistic by u/NiteLiteOfficial in GTA6

However, in the first image, the NPCs appear to be taken straight from the Egypt of the Pharaohs. Everyone also suffers from flat feet. But for the rest of the drawings, our lips are wet, our fingers are licked and our thumb muscles are trained. Bring GTA 6!

Both photos were posted to Reddit. You will find the first screenshot hereand the second picture you can here check.

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Two new images from GTA 6 have been leaked and fans are divided

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