Ashley suggests you like Corey in ‘Khaled and Sophie’: ‘Are you serious?’ | Displays

Ashley suggests you like Corey in 'Khaled and Sophie': 'Are you serious?'  |  Displays

special moment Khaled and Sofia Thursday night. Table guests Corrie and Ashley have joined in to talk about the documentary they can be seen in on NPO2 tomorrow, but Ashley has another surprise in store. She proposed to her great love live on air. “Are you serious?” Corey exclaimed.

for the documentary Korean, which can be seen on NPO 2 tomorrow night, cameras have followed Cory and Ashley for a long time. The two have a special story to tell. They get to know each other as husband and wife, and fall in love, but after some time Ashley realizes that she is actually a woman. And so I decided to move on. Then how will you continue? The couple answers this question in 2Doc.

The two were already guests on Thursday night Khaled and Sofia to discuss the documentary. “So much has been written about transgender people, they can look for help anywhere. There was absolutely nothing to me,” Corey explained.

Ashley said she was “so grateful” that her partner had always supported her. And to seal their love, she decided to get down on her knees in front of Corey live. He could not speak for a moment and was confused. Oh no. Are you kidding me?” It sounded emotional. But Ashley was very serious.,,Will you marry me?” was the big question. “Yes, of course,” he said firmly. ,,I really love you.”

For Ashley, Corey is the best. “I’ve known her for seven years. In the beginning I was alone for eight years and confronted her. Since we met, we’ve slept separately six more times. Immediately I fell in love with that girl. That’s right,” she concluded emotionally.

Ashley and Corey in a movie
Ashley and Corey in “Khaled and Sophie”. © BNNVara

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