February 3, 2023

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Two killed, more than 40 injured in US hurricane  Abroad

Two killed, more than 40 injured in US hurricane Abroad

A hurricane in northern Michigan has killed at least two people and injured 44 others. This has been reported by various media in the United States.

On Saturday, CNN and ABC, among others, reported winds of about 225 kilometers per hour passing through the town of Gaylord the day before. According to CNN, “catastrophe” is talked about as catastrophe. Hurricanes are very rare in the region.

Both victims were 70 years old. They were both in Nottingham Forest Trailer Park in Gaylord when the storm hit.

“The hurricane destroyed an incredible number of buildings and endangered many lives,” said city councilor Jordan Avery. “The city was destroyed.”

Michigan Govt. The governor said he would do everything necessary for the reconstruction.

Two deaths have occurred at Nottingham Forest Trailer Park. © AB


© AB

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