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Going forward, Twitter will also give users the option to add a fact-checking sticker to images if they think an image is misleading. Previously, the Community Feedback function could only be used with a single Tweet.

If users choose to add a community note to an image, if enough other users find the note useful, it will automatically appear every time the same image is posted to Twitter. Twitter will tell you That the image should be almost exactly the same, so if another user modifies the image slightly, there is a chance that the fact check comment will not be included. Twitter says it will expand image recognition in the future, but at the same time it wants to make sure that labels don’t end up with the wrong images.

For now, there will only be a label for tweets with a single image, but the intention is that the function will also work later if there are multiple images in a tweet. Community feedback should also become available for future videos. According to Twitter, the feature aims to make other users aware of “misleading media,” such as images generated by artificial intelligence. The functionality has been available for individual tweets for a number of years now, for example to warn users of misinformation about COVID-19.

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