TV reprimanded for forbidden gossip chat | TV

TV reprimanded for forbidden gossip chat |  TV

Last month, Televizier decided that gossip Not to compete for a Televizier star video online, because the program would be mischievous and humiliating. Jean Ross and Denis Scottin, who performed on the show, did not agree to the disqualification and went to court.

They argued that they had long since been accepted into the fight, having been on the site as a competitor for four months. According to the election rules, this can no longer be tampered with later. However, Televizier himself believes that this concerns only the titles chosen by the jury.

massive support

sat there gossip not between them. The show only got a chance when fans made extensive use of an empty box at the bottom of the voting page to vote on the two rough men in the competition. According to an internal source, gossip So he got the most votes in the meantime. Televizier does not make any statements about the number of votes, but denies it gossip was in the foreground.

gossipPresenter Dennis Scotten disappointed with the judge’s ruling. “I am glad that the judge agrees with us that Televizier did not act properly, but of course we wanted to go back in the elections and that did not work. I wonder if we should have wanted to win it. Because this was the biggest public award in the Netherlands, and it became the biggest virtue award because of this promotion”.

no beauty award

On behalf of Televizier, Editor-in-Chief Jeroen de Goeij said: “Televizier is pleased that the judge has dismissed all of RoddelPraat’s claims in the summary proceedings. Televizier previously admitted that initially allowing her the list of qualifications, and later excluding Gossip Talk, was not worthy of the beauty award. The judge is now referring to that as well. But the organization has good reasons to exclude the program after all and is pleased that the judge has now confirmed the exclusion.”

The judge’s substantive judgment will follow later. The Televizier-Ring-Gala, without gossipGuys, on October 14th.

In the Culture and media podcast Media reporter Rob Goossens discusses the high-profile case of anti-TV gossip:

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