Research: Many Dutch people think they don’t know an educated person | interior

Research: Many Dutch people think they don't know an educated person |  interior

According to the foundation, shame and taboos cause people to hide low literacy from family, friends, and colleagues. During Literacy Week, which began on Monday, four people in front of the camera tell a good friend about their difficulties with reading, writing, and/or math for the first time. In this way they want to draw attention to the knowledge and discussion of low literacy.

The Literacy and Writing Foundation released a report last week, which showed that many people with low literacy have stopped their studies to get a higher level in language, writing or mathematics during the Corona crisis. Many on-site training courses have had to stop due to Corona, or have been offered online. But not all literate people were able to handle online education. Circumstances during the Corona crisis led to 71 percent of course participants dropping out from the organizations responsible for the courses.

Reading and Writing Week began on Monday for the 17th time. With this thematic week, the Literacy Foundation draws attention to the 2.5 million poorly literate Dutch. Municipalities, libraries, and voluntary organizations organize language and mathematics activities throughout the country.

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