Troy Aikman’s push for Joe Buck comes with an ominous disappointment

The NFL announcer’s hot talk continues to be wild this season.

As Andrew Marchand of The Post first reported, Troy Aikman will leave Fox Sports for ESPNESPN would like to bring Joe Buck with him if the contractual kinks can be ironed out.

Mike Leslie of the WFAA in Dallas asked the legendary Cowboys quarterback if he’d like to continue working with Buck – they’ve worked together at Fox since 2002 – and the answer couldn’t be more certain.

“We have a great friendship,” said Ekman. “We’ve been through a lot in our profession. But we’ve also been through a lot in our personal lives. We’ve paralleled a lot in our personal lives, and helped each other get through a lot of that.”

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman spoke to Roger Goodell in 2015.
David Banks

A little ominously, Aikman said that their friendship was “taken for granted” by unnamed parties.

“So, I know that’s not the norm,” he said. “I think a lot of partners would agree, but he’s really one of my best friends. I think there’s probably more to be said, and I think it might be in time, but there has been some disappointment about how some might take it for granted. “.

Ekman ended up praising his longtime partner.

“He’s been a fantastic partner, in my opinion the best in the business, and there’s nothing I wish more than to continue working with him,” he said.

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