Trevor Lawrence bounces back from the early sack, turning in a strong debut as the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback

Trevor Lawrence bounces back from the early sack, turning in a strong debut as the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback

Jacksonville, Florida – Trevor LawrenceThe first NFL shot ended with a bag that almost turned into confusion, but the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback didn’t let that bother him.

The #1 pick overall rebounded from that inauspicious start and turned into a solid but not-so-spectacular performance in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 23-13 loss to Cleveland at TIAA Bank Field Saturday night. Lawrence threw for 71 yards–including 35 yards to Marvin Jones for a third downturn–but failed to lead the first team’s attack to any points in his possession and conceded the ball long at times.

But he also made several good throws and left his coach satisfied with the former Clemson star – although a lot of improvement is needed.

“I asked [passing game coordinator Brian Schottenheimer] “How he played and said he did well,” said Urban Meyer. I thought the ball was on his left right in front of us, and I think it was third, he really expected a great cut, dash and a nice throw for Marvin Jones.

“He certainly wasn’t stunned. We have to do better. We have to protect him better and we have to keep all the players healthy and play better.”

Lawrence went 6 for 9, and in the NFL NextGen Stats, he completed 3 of 4 of those passes into tight windows, which was equivalent to the best completion percentage in tight window throws by the Jaguars quarterback in 2020. The offense was also a large more effective in Lawrence (74 yards) reigned from Gardner Minchiu, who threw for 47 yards and intercepted and led the offense to 46 yards on three possessions.

“I feel like my first time there, I feel relaxed, and I feel balanced,” Lawrence said. “Obviously the first play isn’t kind of what you want in the first play, but then I thought we did a good job. We communicated really well up front. They did a really good job of protecting. At least one of those sacks was on I’m sure, just holding on. The ball for a long time. This is something I will work on. Just maneuvering into the pocket is something I always have to work on.

“Other than that, I missed Marvin’s easy show, and soon I wish I had hit him. But other than that. I felt good there. I think we were seeing him, all on the same page. There’s obviously stuff to clean up but I thought it was a good day.”

The most important thing Lawrence had to clean was to get the ball out faster, which he sometimes did in quick throws. Lavisca Chenault. Meyer said he would need to look at the film to see why Lawrence was reluctant to throw the ball off, but there were several times he had to wait for receivers to arrive.

Such was the case in Jones’ long throw. Nobody was open at first and Lawrence wasn’t able to throw the ball until after Jones broke deep. Fortunately, Lawrence was well protected in that play – this wasn’t always the case as offensive tackles were. Cam Robinson And joan taylor He struggled against the passes of the second and third teams of Cleveland. Lawrence was sacked twice in the match.

“I was in the pocket forever,” Lawrence said. “In the end I ended up in a stampede.” “He did a good job at just opening up and interacting. That’s something we’ve been working on in camp is scramble. I wasn’t actually scrambling but everyone had a good time, ‘Okay, the play doesn’t work as it was designed.’ At this point, we have to achieve something. He did a good job at reacting quickly, and got on the field. I could have driven it a little more. I didn’t want to take him down with the DBs coming back and he had a great catch.”

Lawrence admitted he had some nerves, but said those went fast because he felt more comfortable on his second drive than on his first.

“First play I was a little bit, especially the first game here in the NFL, I was a little nervous but then I was just playing ball,” Lawrence said. “I definitely felt like that [comfort] set.

“I usually get nervous before the first game of any season anyway, and that’s pretty normal. I was excited. I was ready to get out there. It’s been a long time. It was my dream.”

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