Travel to the US is allowed again, with tickets for hot sandwiches

Traveling to the United States is again allowed, with tickets like hot sandwiches

We are allowed again! If you want, that means we fly to the United States. Travel to the United States from the Netherlands (and across Europe) is possible again from November. Air tickets instantly fly like hot cakes over the digital counter.

As soon as the news of the trip to the United States was released, the number of booked air tickets increased. Yesterday, most airline tickets to the US were booked from March 1, 2020, according to data

The situation now going to America

At this point, according to the State Department, the United States is still there An orange travel advice. Travel and business trips are not allowed, but they come from November. Anyone who travels from the United States to the Netherlands and has been fully vaccinated against corona does not need to be isolated to date.

But for the period of re-admission: November. Many would not have gone to the United States since the onset of the corona infection. It shows, now the border for flights from the Netherlands is about to open. The first effect on the sale of air tickets is immediately visible. As soon as the relaxation was announced, sold the largest number of tickets to the United States since March 1, 2020. Since then, it has been almost impossible for Europeans to travel to the United States.

‘Explosion increase in US airline tickets’

Compared to September 20, 2019, the number of bookings for the US has increased by 91 percent. Compared to September 20, 2020, the number of bookings for the United States has increased by 75 percent. On September 21, 21 percent more airline tickets were sold than the previous day (news). provides integer numbers – on request Metro Unlike other travel systems.

Sander Van Wein is the Marketing and Yield Manager for the aforementioned booking site. He says: “It was only clear during the day, but on Monday we saw a huge difference in the number of airline tickets booked for the United States, so it seems that people will act immediately if they hear the news about travel facilities.

Many airline tickets are on sale for the fall holidays

Bookings for Europe are also on the rise. Compared to 2019, 38 percent more airline tickets have been booked for the fall holidays. Metro Set at the end of August Crown matregelen Lined up in the countries around us and in the holiday countries. This is always good for the current situation Recent travel advice From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You can do these things in the safest city in the world

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Travel to the US is allowed again, with tickets for hot sandwiches

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