Traumatized radiologist working at Jeroen-Busch Hospital

Traumatized radiologist working at Jeroen-Busch Hospital

A radiologist infected with coronavirus works at the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch. In response to reports from NS The hospital confirms that this was decided under exceptional circumstances. “In this case, we performed a risk assessment for continuity of care,” the company spokesperson replies.

This deviates from RIVM guidelines, but if this radiologist fails, the hospital says it will not be able to continue the necessary care. “In this particular case, we should have intervened differently in the breast cancer program and canceled appointments with patients,” the hospital wrote.

Safety guarantee

The hospital announced that the injured employee may not continue to work unless it is possible to ensure the safety of his colleagues and patients. This is the case, for example, if the risk of contamination is considered low or if the injured employee can perform his work in isolation. The latter will be the case with the radiologist. The employee also wears personal protective equipment, such as a medical face mask.

In response to other staff’s concerns, the hospital says it is unfortunate that they felt unsafe. “The safety of our staff and patients comes first at all times. We are paying attention to this again in the department today.”

Uncommon in Brabant

The Regional Agency for Acute Care (ROAZ) confirms that it is not customary in hospitals in Brabant to allow staff to continue working with a corona infection. “RIVM’s guidelines are clear, and we don’t deviate from them,” a RIVM spokesperson said. Brabant broadcast. “If Jeroen Bush Hospital deviates from that, it’s up to them.”

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