June 6, 2023

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China tests missiles on copies of US warships

China tests missiles on copies of US warships

China has produced copies of US warships to conduct missile tests. Satellite images of US technology company Maxar show large objects in the shape of an aircraft carrier and two full-scale destroyers, Reuters news agency reported Monday.

Pictures taken Sunday of ballistic missiles used to strike warships are being tested at a Chinese military base in the desert of western Xinjiang. Satellite images also show fake ships standing on a six-meter-wide track. This makes it possible to follow the movement.

China tested its first anti-ship missile in the South China Sea in July last year, where there are regional conflicts with Taiwan and four Southeast Asian countries. Although simulations in the arid desert have not yielded realistic results, the Chinese military can carry out tests without detection. That’s what Colin Coe, an expert at a university in Singapore, told Reuters. “The best way to test missiles is domestically from the point of view of the U.S. military.”

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Tensions between China and the United States revolve around Taiwan. The Chinese government considers Taiwan, with its own government, to be a practically independent and democratic island that must soon be brought back under Chinese rule. President of the United States Joe Biden, Which has close ties to Taiwan, said last month that the United States would defend the island if China attacked.

China has been increasing pressure on the region for some years And the U.S. Armed Forces are retaliating. The two powers are threatening each other elsewhere in the South China Sea. Last year the United States sent two aircraft carriers there. Such a ship is a large floating air base with fighter jets among others. In turn, the Chinese Air Force often flies provocatively into Taiwanese airspace.

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