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Translink, the company behind the public transit chip card, has shut down the Android and iOS smart card app and suspended the Twitter account. The app was outdated and very limited, according to the company. A spokesperson for the mobile site said it’s being rolled out instead and works better.

The OV-chipkaart app was quietly shut down on August 29, after pushing users’ latest update which points to and The old functionality has been removed from the application. There will be no new app, Translink spokesperson Gerbrandt Corby told Tweakers. “The app had limited functionality, less than a mobile website, and its performance was inferior. In addition, it had to be updated regularly to be safe and reliable.”

Corby says the app, with which users can check their balance and see an overview of their trips, among other things, had significantly fewer visitors than a mobile website. According to him, the app also needs to be replaced. “Because the app was a little older, it got a very low rating.” Translink believes that a mobile website is a better alternative.

There will be no new or updated app, because Translink runs on OVpay, check in and out with debit card. This technology will be implemented in phases from now until 2023 and Tested in Lelystad since March. The services within OVpay are further expanded and eventually, just like the OV-chipkaart website, will be given the opportunity to view travel history and use travel subscriptions.

In addition to the application, Translink will also stop using a file The Twitter account of the public transport sim card. From Wednesday, the account will not be active and Translink will invite travelers to contact customer service in a different way. Corby says Twitter hasn’t been much used, and Translink has found it undesirable for people to share personal information publicly if they have questions about their public transit SIM card. “They share privacy sensitive data. Twitter is not suitable for this. If people want to contact us with questions about the card, it is best to do so over the phone.”

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