Tourist boats at Central Station are not wheelchair accessible, SP asks questions

Tourist boats at Central Station are not wheelchair accessible, SP asks questions

The SP wants clarification from the mayor and aldermen on the stairs that lead to the new docks for tourist boats at Central Station. Wheelchair users were not considered, and according to a message on the municipality’s Twitter account, it would be a conscious choice.

People complained about the situation on Twitter earlier this month. An official responded via the webcare_020 account that the municipality chose not to build a ramp or lift because “most tourist boats are not wheelchair accessible at all”.

SP councilor Eric Popledijk wants to know if the municipality has discussed this option with shipping companies and whether they themselves have indicated that they do not need a lift or ramp. “Has the municipality made a decision not to build an elevator/ramp, based on the fact that it is on Most Tourist boats that you can’t get on in Wheel chair? Or were there other considerations that were decisive?”, he also wonders.

Popledijk believes that many people are currently being excluded because they do not have access to the scaffolding. He wonders how this fits with the “inclusion agenda of the municipality of Amsterdam”.

“The SP views the central area of ​​Stationsplein as a public space”

Eric Popledijk, SP

He acknowledges that most tour boats are not wheelchair accessible, but says that nearly all shipping companies offer the option of leaving a wheelchair, walker or buggy on the dock and monitoring them. “The SP faction is of the opinion that the piers and thus the central area of ​​Stationsplein is a public space and therefore should be accessible to people in wheelchairs or people with limited mobility,” writes Popledijk.

Answers are expected in a maximum of six weeks.

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