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“Feyenoord will soon catch a talented striker from America”

Tuesday, August 22, 2023 at 12:54 pm• Sam Vreeswijk • Last updated: 12:57 Feyenoord will strengthen itself with Korede Osundina. It usually reports well-informed people Tuesday afternoon. The nineteen-year-old attacker hails from American Orange County, with whom Feyenoord have a partnership. Earlier this year, Osundina already had a temporary internship at Feyenoord. Osundina […]

If even US officials go on strike…

Municipal strikes are rare in the United States. However, in California, they are now taking to the streets. One of the reasons is that the workload is screaming due to lack of staff. Salary increase Victory is already in. By threatening a three-day strike, city officials in San Jose, just south of San Francisco, have […]

Conspiracy – De Groene Amsterdam

In 1894, when labor unions were still powerful in the United States, the wheels of the American economy came to a standstill. What began as a railroad strike against leading rail car manufacturer Pullman grew into a nationwide war between the labor movement and the federal government. The leader of the strike, socialist Eugene Debs, […]

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