Top 4 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#45, 2023)

Top 4 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#45, 2023)

Set your background, escape from a crazy clown through puzzles or solve Sudoku safely. You can read all that and more in this edition of this week’s best Android apps and games.

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1. Double background

Dark mode on your smartphone is already supported by many apps. This is how white backgrounds turn black. For many, this is more pleasing to the eyes, especially in the evening. But there’s one thing your phone doesn’t adapt to dark mode: your wallpaper.

You can guess what the Dual Wallpaper app does. Using this app, you can set different wallpapers that adapt to dark mode. For example, you can set a light photo when the mode is off and a dark photo in the evening. The wallpaper is automatically set on your smartphone, even when you set dark mode on a schedule. useful!

2. Billy wants to play

Halloween has just ended, but we have selected a great game for those who can’t get enough of horror. In Billy Wants To Play, you are captured by Billy the Clown. You have to solve puzzles to escape Billy’s creepy house, but it’s not always easy.

Billy wants to play (first intro)

The crazy clown Billy will be chasing you in the meantime, so you have to make sure he doesn’t see you. Hide in closets or under the bed. Does he find you? Then it is run or caught. After the game ends, you start over. Exciting, isn’t it? good luck!

3. Plant

Plants add a lot of ambiance to your home, but you have to know how to maintain them. That’s why Plantum exists for people with less green fingers. This app not only lets you learn about plants, but also gives you tips on keeping your favorite plants alive.


To ensure you don’t forget about your plants, Plantum gives you notifications to water them. You can also measure the size of your plant via camera to accurately track its growth. Does your plant look less good? Then run diagnostics using the app to find out the problem. Enjoy farming!

Plantum – Identify plants

Ibi company

4. Oh H1

Minimal and challenging: This is an app from the Dutch territory. Oh h1 can be compared to Sudoku, but with its own rules. There are red and blue tiles of which there may never be more than three next to or on top of each other. In addition, to complete a row, you must have the same number of blue and red tiles.

0h h1 - A nice little puzzle game.  Minimalistic, free and without ads.

The last rule is that rows and columns cannot match. So use your brain to work on solving these puzzles. You can choose from puzzles from 4×4 to 12×12. The app is completely free with no ads. So be sure to download it from the Google Play Store and start puzzling!

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