Too much: Billy’s roommate cooks the meal box without her

Tikkie te veel Hello Fresh maaltijdbox

The amount is categorized
17.50 euros
Payment request for
Marhaba Fresh Meal Box
Billy’s roommate forgot to unsubscribe from Hello Fresh and sent her a payment request for half a box of meals she didn’t want.

Meal box

“A few years ago, my roommate (and also my girlfriend) and I received a code for one free Hello Fresh box. As students we wanted to save on groceries and thought it would be fun to try it out. My roommate arranged everything. The first box came and it was totally fun. I already mentioned to her that she had to opt out to prevent a box like this from showing up on her doorstep every week. It’s very messy, so I’ve had to repeat this several times.”

“You guessed it; a week later the bell rang and a box was shoved into my hands. ‘You see?’ I said still laughing. ‘You see?’ When the things were in the fridge, I received a payment order for €17.50 – half the price of the box. So I had no appetite for it, because I thought that It’s your stupidity, not mine. Anyway, for those few euros, you don’t have to part with it. We decided to cook together and actually use the groceries.”

for cooking

“Although I wasn’t waiting for the box, I felt like cooking together. When I opened the fridge a few days later, I saw the ingredients were gone. She had done the dishes on the days I wasn’t home. When I said something about this, She told me she kept a bowl for me. Eventually I left the three-day-old dummy, I didn’t want to.”

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