Jaguar identifies with the V8 as an EV, but it still has to push the BPM

Jaguar identifies with the V8 as an EV, but it still has to push the BPM

Regular correspondent Cas Pedaal discovered this week that “Woke” isn’t another version of Mini Moke. Determined to apply this knowledge, he set out. As always, this article has been carefully fact-checked and found to be 1.00 percent correct.

I can tell from everything that my Jaguar F-Type SVR has never been so happy with its V8 blowing up. He always kept the exhaust valve closed and I could see he preferred standing with his back to the wall. So that no one could tell from the exhaust that it was a petrol car,” says Otto Maat, owner of the Jaguar F-Type bluntly.

“At a certain point it was clear to me: my V8 Jaguar identifies itself as an electric car. Unfortunately there is still little understanding of it. The RDW does not allow me to change the designation on the registration certificate to ‘electric’ and the SVR is not welcome.” At the charging stations, too.Maat sighs, it is incomprehensible that there is so little understanding.

On top of that, I had to pay tons of BPM because it’s officially a high-emissions gasoline car. But it’s actually just an electric car. And as an electric vehicle owner, predicting that there will be an arrangement in 2023 in which I can get my BPM back sounds underwhelming. “I recently replaced a 12-volt battery with one that charged 69 percent more—I’ve never seen it happier.”

Auto Maat is now fighting with a small group for the rights of all engines. For example, there is the owner of the Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel, who likes to drive on LPG one day and prefers petrol the next. The first item on the agenda is fuel-free charging stations where all engines are welcome.

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