February 7, 2023

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Too busy at dinner after excellent review: "the queue was on the escalator"

Too busy at dinner after excellent review: “the queue was on the escalator”

Since 9.5 last Saturday at a review in Het Parool, the storm has continued at De Hapjeshoek. Suriname restaurant is a bit hidden in Waterlooplein metro station, but there is nothing to notice and there are even rows. “Since the article in the newspaper, we immediately started looking at it on Saturday, and now we’re back.”

The three brothers themselves had no idea why she was suddenly so busy, says co-owner Jasper, “My kids called me to tell me we were in the paper. When we got here, there was already a queue. All weekend to provide everyone with good food.”

The crowds also noticed the crowd. One says, “It was so busy. The line went all the way outside, even to the escalator. It tasted really good, so we’re back now.”

fixed recipe

However, it is not only newcomers who visit the restaurant. Regular customers still exist today. One customer said, “I’m a big fan of Boom. I drive around town to see their best spot.”

Many customers take into account that they now have to wait a little longer to get their food. One isn’t afraid, however: “When I walk in, they immediately start making a chicken liver sandwich. And because they recognize me, I always order this. It’s my usual recipe.”

Jasper and his brothers believe that despite the extra crowds, they can handle it for the foreseeable future. “We keep working hard, keeping the quality and the prices the same. So this should work.”