Tom Brady is the first in NFL history to hit 100,000 yards

Tom Brady is the first in NFL history to hit 100,000 yards

Tampa, Florida – Needs 164 yards for a pass on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady He became the first quarterback in NFL history to reach 100,000 yards (regular season and season after season).

Brady reached a milestone halfway through the fourth quarter, with a 15-yard run back completed Leonard Fortnite Which led to a 50-yard field goal by kicker Ryan Sukop. Fans cheered as the Raymond James Stadium public address announcer acknowledged the achievement, though Brady didn’t look up when the video screen showed him on the sidelines, starting with his iPad as the Bucs 13-9 slumped.

Brady said earlier this week that the achievement was as much about the people around him as it was his own.

“I think the credit goes to all the guys I’ve played with, who have blocked for me, who have had assists,” Brady said. “I think I can’t do things in this league without the players also doing what they are good at.”

It was the latest addition in Brady’s collection of NFL records to have appeared in recent years in particularly meaningful games.

Last year, in Week 4 Brady returned to Foxboro, Massachusetts, where he led the New England Patriots to six Super Bowls in 20 seasons, capturing the NFL pass record (regular season) in a 19-17 win with 28 passing yards to a wide receiver Mike Evans. The previous record was held by Drew Brees at 80,358 yards.

Then in Bock’s 13th week of overtime win over the Buffalo Bills last season, he captured the NFL completion record also held by Bryce at 7142, completing 20 yards for Evans in the second quarter. In overtime, Brady threw his 700th touchdown pass to Prishad Berrymanbecoming the first quarterback in NFL history to throw 700 career touchdown passes.

“They are great accomplishments, but as much as people want to say, ‘Oh, that’s what Tom Brady did’ in my mind, that’s what I and all these other people who have contributed to my life have done well,” Brady said.

When asked what he would have thought if someone told him 23 years ago, as the 199th overall draft pick, he’d hit 100,000 yards, Brady said, “I think everyone would have said we’re crazy, including me.”

“All these kinds of lifetime achievement awards, it’s great to celebrate with everyone, and one day I’ll look back and think it was cool, even though my kids probably wouldn’t care at all,” he joked. “That’s good. It’s a credit to all the people I’ve played with.”

It’s a record that may not fall for decades – if any – even with the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Already scooped 24,531 entry yards into Week 9 of his sixth and fifth season as a start, billing the quarterback Josh Allen At 18,030 yards halfway through his fifth season in the NFL heading into Sunday.

The next closest active players are Quarterback Indianapolis Colts Matt Ryanwho had 64,415 yards heading into Sunday’s game but was put off the bench in his favour Sam Ellingerand the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgerswho had 63,054 entering yards on Sunday and will turn 39 in December.

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