Today, the Cabinet continues to discuss the new Corona measures

Today, the Cabinet continues to discuss the new Corona measures

The government always maintains that “there is no extension in the community”, but many hospitals have now had to postpone planned treatments.

OMT . advice

On Friday, Cabinet was briefed on the latest advice from the Outbreak management team, which met on Thursday. All kinds of corona rules are discussed at Catshuis.

Authorizing 1.5 meters and entering Corona Corridor to reach the workplace, which Mayor Hubert Burles called on Sunday, is not clear.

face masks

These procedures require a change of law, which can take weeks. However, staying 1.5 meters away may become “urgent advice”. In addition, people may soon have to show evidence of corona in more places.

It is also thought that the advice to work from home as much as possible will be removed again and the Dutch may be asked to wear a mouth covering in more places. By the way, the Cabinet also wants to know the rules that can be based on support in the House of Representatives.

Press Conference

Measures that affect only the unvaccinated are no longer excluded from the Cabinet, but will likely meet resistance in Parliament.

Tomorrow there will be another press conference by outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and outgoing “Coronavirus Minister” Hugo de Jonge on the new measures.

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