January 27, 2023

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To trust the king and queen, she entered the "red stage"

To trust the king and queen, she entered the “red stage”

Could King’s first physical day since the pandemic began restore confidence in the King? In the spring of 2020, over two years of digital work visits and especially Corona’s mistakes, three-quarters of the Dutch trusted Willem-Alexander as king. Now that is, this weekend turned out a Poll by EenVandaag, only 54 percent. Trust in him has never been low.

Confidence In more institutions Decline. Here it is about the man himself, not the institution, although the two are related. The majority still value ownership and ownership.

The decline in confidence in Alexander’s movie has a tangible reason, as it turned out Last year’s annual King’s Day poll From Ipsos on behalf of NOS and from a poll by one day: The loose way in which the family dealt with the rules of Corona. The holiday of Greece, when the Prime Minister called on people to stay at home as much as possible and for which the King and Queen apologized, was already a year and a half old. In December, Princess Amalia threw a party for her 18th birthday with a very large number of guests.

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The king does not learn from mistakes

According to In Fandage, “a picture has emerged that the king does not learn from his mistakes.” The accidents also reflect Maxima: they made the most fatal mistakes together. Trust in her as a queen has never been this low (61 percent). “They mess up. Last year we saw rage, anger now,” says pollster Giggs Rademaker of EenVandaag. “Guilt doesn’t work anymore, those weapons are blunt.” He calls a 20 percent drop in two years the “red phase.”

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Outside Qualitative research that royal house If that happens, it turns out in 2021 that there was a lack of clarity about what the king was doing all day, especially in the time of Corona. Those polled were “slightly guessing”. If people actually talked about the role of the royal family, it seemed mainly in response to incidents. They have stayed.

Last year we saw anger and now we see anger

Less educated respondents who were neutral or critical of the royal family “did not have a clear sense that the couple is socially involved”. The highly educated people described their performance as “highly orchestrated” and “did not have the image of a sympathetic royal couple”.

After a year and three hundred visits by the royal family, respondents again told In Vandagh that the king and queen should be “more visible”, show commitment and “support the people more” “in difficult times”. It is clear that those visits, some of which are digitally due to the coronavirus, have not been sufficiently observed.