to have fun. The envious left cries profusely for BBB’s election victory

to have fun.  The envious left cries profusely for BBB's election victory

Nature will never be the same again!!!

What’s also fun the day after an election is to parade the movement of the bad losers (and even the bad winners). See, like this Terry of course is totally schizophrenic, but the way he celebrates by ruining his wabby party is so amusing. No, then this is Mirjana. She cries in her sad corner, whining about taking the very lazy BBB who now comes to flatten Natura2000 areas with shovels (that would be fine, by the way, we have 162 and at least half of it is just a pool of water with some complex vegetation) to build huge stables. It won’t happen girl. With a species like Miriana, the envy emission is more toxic than the level of ammonia in a barn of 300 cows. “The Dutch voted in droves against natureWhat blatant nonsense, what wicked nonsense. People vote this way because Mark Rutte and his colleagues have been blowing citizens’ mouths for years and the whole society is floating on an undercurrent of anger and uncertainty the left is pushing nitrogen hard on the election topic and all that an elite like Pedantje Klaver did was shout very loudly that everything and everyone It should either a) be paid more or b) it should be shut down.

Many Dutch people (not just farmers) are done with finger wagging, doomsday thinking and coercive politics. People are in trouble and people are in danger of being kicked out of their homes. For example, many farmers are fed up with the fact that for years they had to comply with framework directives, nitrate directives, bird directives, habitat directives, and had meticulously arranged all these (European) permits, but now due to half-baked government policy, rulings by State Council and excessive slackness in county governments , drifting teachers Group 7, is sent with a group into the reeds. Hence they are also kept away from scoundrels, nature destroyers, and animal haters by urban people of knowledge like Mirjana (born in Rotterdam, lives in Amsterdam). There you are, with your zero-emissions floor, your sustainable stability, your millions in debt to Rabobank and an evacuation order from the Klaver Gestapo on the bus. What’s also about Mirjana and her friends being so stupid is that they don’t understand that BBB really doesn’t ‘lay all of a sudden in all the action’ (if that is even possible) or even ‘the whole’. Nature reserves will disappear‘, or it would be a ‘terrible disaster upon nature.’ A few more gems below. These guys have the right to vote!


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It’s a sad day in your pants

We call this reckless professional behavior


‘radical hardcore tokens’

Then cry

Do you take it easy with the golden power, Volkert?

Taliban victory


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