Juice or baseless nonsense? Jota Leerdam and Jake Paul are dating in Miami.

Juice or baseless nonsense?  Jota Leerdam and Jake Paul are dating in Miami.

Gossip channels need to gossip, and we understand that. And if no juice flows from the tap for a while, you have to tap another keg. It is just speculation and imagination devoid of facts. Then you end up with headlines like “Jotta Leyerdam Hooked By American Star.” Loesoe.nl.

The star in question is boxer and YouTube star Jake Paul. JuiceChannel It was noticed in early 2023 that the American follows very few women on Instagram, but he does follow our skating queen. There was nothing else to report at that time.

Gutta and Jake?
Then… Then, after a stellar season (she won every 1000m she competed in), Leerdam went on vacation to Miami. It can all be followed via Her IG Stories. Guess who else is there? Jake Paul, as evidenced by his social media.

an opportunity?
juice channel He writes this carefully: “Coincidence or is there more?”

but Loesoe He goes with a straight skate and writes: “American influencer Jake Paul aimed his darts at her. And not without success, as it turns out.” While nothing “appears”.

rotten pick up weird gossip, SGXL also.

brand new The headlines: “See: Jake Paul and Jota Leerdam Spotted Together in Miami.” And then there seems to be absolutely nothing to “see” in the message Fake brand.

Just gutta
By the way, do you know how to pronounce the name Jota exactly? It is explained in version fake musicnamed Just gutta. Earlier this act made a memetechno song with Michael van Gerwen stating “flatter me“.

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