TinQ gas stations limit work with cheap refueling due to inconvenience

TinQ gas stations limit work with cheap refueling due to inconvenience

TinQ started the promotion yesterday because the company has been around for twenty years: for four days, at four gas stations in the country, you can refuel at bargain prices for an hour. It seemed an almost unimaginably better time, now that the price at the pump was historically high. The average price of a liter of gasoline is 2,357 euros. Twenty years ago this amount was 1,171 euros. For a liter of diesel, the difference was even greater: an average of 2.067 euros against 0.860 euros.

gloomy attitudes

Yesterday he started working with Vinray, Campen, Ospel and Feenendaal. with great success. Or indeed, as TinQ writes today: “The promotions have been very successful. Many happy faces among customers, but in a number of locations traffic jams arose due to heavy congestion. Traffic was much more than we expected, as well as (fuel) Passion that led to bleak situations in some locations.”

After contacting “national and local government authorities”, the company decided to amend the promotion. The number of sites will be limited to two sites per day, and they will be announced the day before.


According to the statement, the company had to make this decision “unfortunately due to the uncertainty about ensuring road safety at various locations and the safety of our employees and customers.”

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