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TikTok has partnered with Wikipedia to show users blocks containing information from the online encyclopedia among their social media search results. This feature has not been officially announced and is said to have been around for several months.

Source: Miya Sato / The Verge

A TikTok spokesperson confirmed Opposite the edge A mass of information was displayed for several months among suggested videos for certain search terms, depending on the search term entered. Users who click on this block are referred to the online encyclopedia via a link. It is not clear why this feature has not been officially announced. The spokesperson also did not clarify the search terms associated with the information from Wikipedia. TikTok has also been linked to Google through a similar block of information in search results for some time.

According to The Verge, blocks of information from Wikipedia are displayed, among others, with results for the search terms “New York Times,” “Taylor Swift,” and “Thanksgiving.” However, Tweakers were unable to reproduce this. It is not clear if this feature is only available in certain countries. TikTok did not respond to Tweakers’ questions.

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