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they are Intense In hindsight, support from MS was supposed to end two years ago. However, due to the pandemic, MS has postponed it.

We’ve also encountered this issue during the pandemic with many third-party apps that were just not ready, while they were announced years ago. However, there is a difference between the free project for the OS and the paid package…

The advice has been for much longer to turn off basic authentication, if companies haven’t already turned it off during the pandemic, something is wrong with the security…

Many developers have lost customers simply because they didn’t cache the “core” functionality of their email software products in a timely manner (and keep them running steadily).

You are absolutely right, but I also know why. As a developer, this gives you headaches. Especially if you don’t know office365 gateway by heart.

There are many possible OAUTH implementations, so documentation often “crosses” what you want to do with it.

In addition, the documentation from Microsoft is so substandard that some of the information on their website is outdated, unclear, or incomplete.

In my case (where I’m simply retrieving email attachments via some code in c#), I spent quite a bit of time setting everything up properly in the admin panel (office365). You have to take quite a lot of steps to set everything up properly and also mess around with powershell.

Microsoft is also making it easier for you by tweaking the layout of its admin panel every few months, so that some options are, for example, behind another button. If it works then it works. Stop modifying this layout!

This finally worked because someone took the time to document the whole process on github (in a 3rd party plugin issue).

If Microsoft wants to switch every company and app, please make it a little easier for developers and admins! What a drama. I’m still angry about it

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