Thrustmaster offers the T818 Direct Drive Steering Wheel for €650 – Gaming – News

Introducing the Thrustmaster T818, its first direct drive motor steering base. According to the manufacturer, the T818 can achieve up to 10 Nm of torque. The Steering Base can be pre-ordered for €650 and the first units will be shipped “before Christmas”.

T818 gets A motor developed by Thrustmaster that can deliver a constant 10Nm of torque for force feedback, the manufacturer claims During a Twitch live broadcast. On the hexagon housing is a button that allows users to configure the wheel and immediately disable force feedback in the event of an emergency.

The T818 also has an advantage Quick releaseSystem for changing the different steering wheels offered by Thrustmaster. Existing Thrustmaster steering wheels can be connected to the T818 via a separate adapter; Thrustmaster supplies one of these as standard with the steering wheel and also sells it separately for €35. Future handlebars from the manufacturer can be used with the T818 without an adapter. Thrustmaster will release four new steering wheels next year.

On the front of the case is an RGB LED strip, the color of which users can adjust. According to Thrustmaster, developers could use the LED strip in the future to show telemetry from racing games, such as engine rpm. Wheelbase is only compatible with PC games. However, Thrustmaster mentioned in its live stream that it also has “plans for the console.” The Wheelbase also works with other Thrustmaster products, such as pedal sets and adapters. There are links on the back of this. Thrustmaster also provides a wheelbase with an RJ45 connection for future accessories, but it doesn’t share any other details.

Thrustmaster offers the T818 for €650. For that money, users get a blue metal handlebar mount, quick-release adapter, and power adapter. Other items, such as the steering wheel and pedal assembly, are sold separately. Thrustmaster also sells a stationery set for €40. The company also comes with separate metal sides in other colors. The first Thrustmaster T818 controllers will be shipped “before Christmas”.

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