February 1, 2023

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Sander Schimmelbinink slams Tuan Huys and college tour: 'There were a bunch of traps' |  show

Sander Schimmelbinink slams Tuan Huys and college tour: ‘There were a bunch of traps’ | show

“I thought he was asking too much about my private life,” said Schimmelbenink. “He whined for ten minutes whether or not I wanted kids. What nonsense. And half an hour about my family and my grandparents.” Schimmelpenninck is a descendant of the counting branch of the genus Schimmelpenninck. “It was all very personal,” he continued.

The journalist thought it was “an honor” to be asked on the college tour. But in hindsight I should have watched this program myself to find out what was going on. I remember it as a program where Obama and Bill Gates were invited from the world. Nowadays, people like me seem to be invited. “I didn’t like his questions very much,” he said of Howes.

In conversation with Huys, Schimmelpenninck also indicated that the threats he received were “a little under his skin”. He also said he experienced “things” on the street several times. “I really had to run,” he said. Schimmelpenninck doesn’t know exactly who is behind the threats. “You can only be suspected by a few people online that it’s all coming from the extreme right corner,” said the presenter.

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