Thousands of conspiracy theorists write to the tax authorities: I want 1.5 million euros

Thousands of conspiracy theorists write to the tax authorities: I want 1.5 million euros

It led conspiracy theorists to believe that they no longer had to pay taxes, or that they were still bound by Dutch laws and regulations. Anyone who manages to “break away” from the Dutch state will also get 1.5 million euros and any mortgage debt will lapse, or so they promise.

Tax and Customs Administration received at least 7,900 letters. Behind many of these letters is a PR consultant from Amsterdam, who calls himself “The Minister”. Hundreds of Euros are requested per person to assist with these requests, NRC . Reports† He says in videos circulating in groups on Facebook and Telegram: “There is a lot of money in your birth box, a lot of money. And that money is yours.”

Company heir in the Netherlands

Eleven people went as far as writing a letter to the tax authorities. They appealed to the judge. According to them, there is a trust behind the tax authorities managed by, among other things, the King and the Prime Minister as CEO of the Nederland business. As an heir to this company, each Dutchman is entitled to an inheritance of 1.5 million euros.

At the end of February, the District Court of the Central Netherlands ruled. It does not agree with the letter writers. Furthermore, the “Trust Tax Office” they are dealing with does not exist, Court writes

A public relations consultant in Amsterdam tells NRC that he does not know anyone who has received his birth trust. He does not want to answer other questions for the newspaper.

false prophets

“Don’t believe in false prophets,” warns Foreign Minister Marnix van Rijk (Taxation). “Anyone who writes a letter will get an appropriate answer,” says a spokesperson for Tax and Customs. Officials who did so “could also have helped people with a justified request.”

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