Arjen Lubach jokes with Typhoon about Zwolle: ‘Rough city, especially Holtenbroek’

Arjen Lubach Typhoon

Typhoon (37) was a guest on Evening show with Arjen Lubach† On the TV show, the Zwolle artist spoke about his most special experience with a fan, about his highly anticipated performance at the Liberation Festival in hometown Zwolle and around the “rough” Holtenbroek area.

at Evening show with Arjen Lubach Inspirational guests visit every business day. On Thursday evening, Typhoon, also known as Glenn de Randamie, was a guest.


On the TV show, Typhoon told Arjen Lubach that he’s been kickboxing for a while. This way, he wants to lose his pounds when he gets back on stage. Typhoon told the kickboxing coach that he wanted to learn how to take the money. “People thought I was crazy, but I really want to punch and take,” Typhoon said. “Because you live in Zwolle,” Arjen replied. “It’s a tough city out there,” Typhoon joked. “Holtenbrook! Do you live there? “No, but I used to live there.”

Arjen knows the Zwolle area mainly from rapper Sticks from the rap formation Opgezwolle. Sticks originated in Holtenbrook. “And our chief researcher on the program is from Zwolle, so I always pretend to be from Holtenbroek,” Arjen joked.

The strangest experience with a fan

The TV show wasn’t just about Zwolle. The Zwolle artist also spoke about his strangest experience with a fan. About fifteen years ago, after a performance in the foyer, he received a thank you from a woman. “I drank wine and ate nuts. As she was thanking me for the show, a piece of the nut flew out of her mouth on my tongue.” “It was really, really rotten. I just stood there and laughed,” the rapper said. “And did you swallow it?” asked Aryn. When I left, it crossed my neck. “But I didn’t want to do that to her,” he said with a laugh.

Typhoon can be admired on May 5th during Zwolle Liberation Festival in it hometown† “Something beside Holtenbroek, in Wezenlandenpark,” explains the rapper. “It’s my home, and I think it’s the biggest liberation festival in the Netherlands. I can close. Yes, we’ll unpack.”

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